North North north is a female owned business made up of Danish Ditte, Alexandra and Stephanie, who today reside in Paris, Copenhagen and New York, respectively. Trends from each city have found their way in North North North's jewelry concept, where pure Scandinavian lines unite with a raw and feminine, but at the same time unpretentious, design.

The three women all agreed that they lacked a budget-friendly alternative to the expensive brands without having to resort to big highstreet brands. Therefore, they created a collection of unique jewelry that they wanted to wear – both for everyday life and for celebration.

With their different backgrounds and compendiums, but the same vision of a new brand, they saw an obvious opportunity to come together and create North North North.The fact that they all live in different cities is clearly seen in the collection, where they take inspiration from everyday life in the different cities, the underground and the microtrends that they see emerging. Their desire is to reconcile the classic Scandinavian expression with something colorful and different.Β In addition, Stephanie and Alexandra have Peruvian roots, which include the creation of a european union. expressed in the necklace Mama Quilla.Β