All our jewelry is plated with 12 carat gold, where the base is made of brass. Some metals, such as brass, will eventually oxidider, thus giving the jewelry a darker surface. This can give the jewelry a beautiful patina, but if you want to preserve a glossy and shiny look, there are some simple hints to follow:

In order to live up to their basic principles, they work closely with the factory that makes the jewelry. Through Ditte's many years of experience in jewelry production in China, they have chosen to have the jewelry produced in the city of Qingdao south-east of Beijing, which is just known for jewelry production. The jewelry is produced precisely in Qingdao due to their factories with high-tech expertise and distinctive properties within jewelry production. In addition, the partner conducts regular tests, audits and inspections that meet North North North standards.

The jewelry is plated with 12 carat gold, where the base is made of brass. Their mission has been to cut off all expensive intermediaries in order to create budget-friendly jewelry – without compromising on quality.

All their jewelry is designed by co-founder, Ditte, in her studio in Paris. The jewelry is designed with inspiration from the trends they each see in the cities they are moving around in. The iterative design process starts in close cooperation with the partners in China. The three co-founders receive prototypes, after which the final details are refined and the final selection process takes place. Finally, final production can be started.

It is a good idea to clean your jewelry after use with a soft cloth, as this removes the items that the jewelry may have been subjected to while worn, such as perfume, cream, sweat, etc. These factors are helping to provoke a chemical reaction in the metal, and thus a faster oxidation. Do not use hard chemicals and jewelry cleaner, as this helps to slide on the jewelry and thus shorten the durability of the jewelry.

We recommend that you take your jewelry off before you have to sleep, bathe or practise sports. In addition, we advise against storing your jewelry in the bathroom, as the humidity is often high, and this can contribute to a faster oxidation of the jewelry. To ensure that your jewelry stays neat as long as possible, we advise against all direct contact with make-up, hair products, perfumes, creams and water, as these will have a negative effect on the coating of your jewelry.